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A message from our Founder and CEO, Raphael Epstein

I began StrataVAR using my vision and experience in the Networking Industry Reseller Channel, where I founded a company called Netformx.  When we introduced our network discovery, design and quoting tool for Cisco and Nortel Reseller Partners, integrating the manufacturer’s “single source of truth” for product SKU’s and configuration rules, no one in the industry had seen such a powerful desktop tool before.  Netformx went on to be very successful and was sold to a Private Equity firm with plans for a public offering.

Now I see a much different landscape in the Reseller community, and the “pain” of doing business with large manufacturers, such as Cisco, has shifted to the B2B or eCommerce facet of the business.  Many large resellers have created their own IT solutions and are finding them very expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate securely with new SaaS offerings for CRM, Quoting and so forth.  Smaller resellers simply have to live without the information available to their larger competitors, placing them at a disadvantage and limiting their ability to grow market share.

StrataVAR leverages the emergence of internet cloud-based platforms such as Force.com and Salesforce.com to deliver time critical Manufacturer order and supply chain data to Resellers where they need it the most: in the formation, editing and quoting of customer sales opportunities.

I am proud to introduce StrataVAR to my friends and colleagues in the Cisco Reseller Partner Program!
Once again, I have a solution that will save resellers lots of valuable time, reduce errors and duplication of effort and increase profitability.  And all of my former customers will be pleasantly surprised by the new price point from StrataVAR.

Please give the application and try and let me know your feedback, thank you.

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