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Maximizing Revenue: Avoiding Costly Mistakes in VAR’s Mismanagement of Vendor Incentive Programs

Maximizing Revenue: Avoiding Costly Mistakes in VAR's Mismanagement of Vendor Incentive Programs

In the intricate landscape of Value Added Resellers (VARs) and System Integrators, the effective management of Vendor Incentive Programs (VIPs) can make the difference between success and missed opportunities.  These programs foster better vendor engagement, actively promoting products or services. VIP Management also encourages faster market responses, strengthening relationships with key partners as incentivized vendors […]

The Excel Trap: Uncovering the True Costs of Creating Quotes in Spreadsheets

Does this scenario sound familiar? You receive a Request for Quotation (RFQ) from a large client, and immediately start working on the quote by opening Excel and filling in the required information. Spreadsheets have become the go-to choose for many VARs due to their familiarity and perceived cost-free usability. With endless rows and columns, Excel […]

Mastering Multi-Vendor Quotes: Fast Track Your Turnaround Time To Quote

You have 48 hours to get out a multi-vendor quotation with multiple scenarios for discounts, margins and markups, where your standard turnaround time takes up to 5 working days. How do you remain competitive and relevant to your customer?   Till some time back, ICT VAR’s struggled with this exact scenario on multiple occasions when it […]

How to Easily Create Proposals for Large-Scale Networking Projects

Over the past few years, VARs have been experiencing the need to keep up with the rapid growth in the size of and complexity of networking projects. This continuous growth in demand for large-scale networking projects is great news for VARs. However, larger projects mean higher complexities.  VARs are forced to assess, design, and deploy […]

CCW Integration: The Top 5 Benefits of an Integrated Quoting Process

Costing sources that today’s ICT VARs and Cisco Partners need to connect with, live in a variety of silos. It is because of this, that VAR quoting can be and for the most part, is a major challenge without CCW integration. Let’s take Cisco’s CCW for example. The way this mandatory configuration tool is used for sourcing cost presents […]

Cisco VAR: Want to cut time-to-quote by 90%?

StrataVAR’s tight integration with Cisco CCW makes the quoting process faster, more efficient, and error-free. In our discussions with Cisco value-added resellers (VARs), we keep hearing about the same frustrations with their current quoting methods.  These frustrations generally fall into any or all of the following categories: Excel-based price quotes involve copy-paste operations from multiple […]

Take the Pain Out of ICT Quoting with StrataVAR PqW

One of the major quoting pain points that our customers tell us about involves the act of pricing itself. The pricing process needs to be fast… and accurate.  Slow, manual pricing leads tolost deals, while inaccuracies could lead to significant losses.  What’s behind this? A variety of vendors and product categories. Each vendor has its own discount rates, which […]