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Cisco VAR: Want to cut time-to-quote by 90%?

StrataVAR’s tight integration with Cisco CCW makes the quoting process faster, more efficient, and error-free.

In our discussions with Cisco value-added resellers (VARs), we keep hearing about the same frustrations with their current quoting methods.  These frustrations generally fall into any or all of the following categories:

  • Excel-based price quotes involve copy-paste operations from multiple sources, using a variety of proprietary formats.
    • Manual quote preparation is time-consuming, due to the constant tweaking and error-checking.
    • Management receives no progress updates.  Then, work on the quote stops while managers review and notate the Excel file.

But behind these irritations lurks a single, major root cause – a lack of integration with Cisco, its distributors, and other vendors.  Without this integration, VARs are forced to manually produce quotes – sometimes including tens of thousands of line items – making the process complex, lengthy, and error-prone.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could automate the quote process and save time, eliminate errors, and increase profits?

Introducing PqW from StrataVAR.  Integrate with Cisco CCW and say goodbye to manual quoting.

Using PqW (Partner Quoting Workspace), VARs perform a one-time integration with Cisco CCW – and any other distributor or vendor (such as Estimate, CCW-R Quote, DealReg, and DistiBoM).  Following the integration process, you can easily import BoMs from a variety of sources, without having to worry about formats or copy/paste errors.  All data remains in the PqW system, so management can get involved at any stage of the process – without holding up the work.  PqW offers VARs important bottom-line benefits:  

  • Eliminates time-consuming Excel-based operations, freeing manpower for other critical tasks
    • Reduces errors and the need for continuous self-checking
    • Accelerates time-to-quote, as you close more deals – faster

Benefit from StrataVAR’s game-changing breakthrough in efficient price quote generation.

Want to speak to a StrataVAR expert about price quote automation?  Click here.

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