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One of great ironies of this time period in the Networking and Data Center Channel is that while ICT VAR’s are racing to capitalize on their customer’s migration of data, applications and business intelligence to the Cloud, many of their own operational processes rely primarily on decade’s old technology. If you are a VAR, consider for a minute the fundamental advantages of driving your business processes...

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In the 21st century, we can still see many platforms integrate with other platforms by way of Excel Export/Import. As antique as it sounds, even in the very high-end of the high-tech industry, there are many critical business services that rely on the manual Excel Import. As an example, Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) has the ability to Export the BoM in an Excel file that can be...

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This article examines the top five reasons why CRM implementation fails to deliver the intended solutions for the sales and business operations of a typical Cisco Reseller Partner. Reason number one: “garbage in = garbage out” Lack of automated data export/import dooms the CRM implementation at hello.  Cisco Partners must use Cisco Commerce Workspace and the resulting Deal is a commercial contract between the parties. When polled, the...

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I began StrataVAR using my vision and experience in the Networking Industry Reseller Channel, where I founded a company called Netformx.  When we introduced our network discovery, design and quoting tool for Cisco and Nortel Reseller Partners, integrating the manufacturer's "single source of truth" for product SKU's and configuration rules, no one in the industry had seen such a powerful desktop tool before.  Netformx went on to be...

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