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CCW Integration: The Pillar of a Streamlined Quoting Process

As a Cisco Partner, you may have experienced pains when it comes to the quoting process. You must have posited by now, that many of these pains stem from a lack of true real time integration with CCW, the core of successfully servicing your customers and business prospects. In this post we will list various aspects of pains stemming from this lack.

Your requirements are unique in optimizing sales operations. Challenges are apparent on both the “sell side” and the “buy side” of your resale practice. One of those challenges is quoting.

For example, in the past your client may have asked for a quote on an extension for a Maintenance contract agreement or a quote on a product. This wasn’t so simple and could have taken hours, or even days.

Integration Feeds Accuracy
As you well know, with no CCW integration, there is no way to accurately provide quotes for cisco products, other distributors and multi vendors. Below are some situations that are a product of the lack of CCW integration and the pains those situations cause.

Situation: Copying and pasting stale Excel files to get prospects quotes

This practice:

  • Is prone to error
  • Requires tedious typing
  • Leads to wasted time that can be better spent elsewhere
  • Cuts into your bottom line

The effects of copying and pasting leads to:

  • Long quoting cycles
  • Decreased customer satisfaction

The Quoting Process is just that. A process. 

Furthermore, lack of  direct CCW integration prohibits you to access VIP deals, Discounts, Rebates from Cisco Commerce Workshops – CCW, as well as CCW-R in real time.

Dynamic Challenges
The Cisco Partnership ecosystem is dynamic, and because of this, a VIP Deal, or the cost of a new networking switch could change by the day. If you provide a higher price, for example to a prospective customer that you copied and pasted from a stale spreadsheet, and it comes up as an issue, such as being a higher quote than they received from another partner, then they most likely will go to a competitor.

Now, on to some suggestions to cure the above pains and prevent them from radiating through your organization:

  • Ensure that whatever Quoting solution you use is based on a SaaS model, available to anyone at any time. Wherever they are.
  • Ensure that all your quoting data from CCW is updated and available in real time.

Integration with Cisco’s pricing sources will ensure that you do not need to copy and paste information that you do not know is correct or not. Furthermore, this will streamline the quoting cycle with the most updated information directly from Cisco.

In turn this:

  • Shortens quoting cycles from days to minutes.
  • Increases end user satisfaction.
  • Eliminates errors and costly mistakes in cost and pricing calculations.
  • Minimizes the need for typing.
  • Saves wasted time by partner resources in the quote process.
  • Increases profitability

In summary, Cisco partners need a Real time Comprehensive API  connection that empowers them with access to the latest VIP  deals, Discounts, Rebates from Cisco Commerce Workshops – CCW. CCW-R. Without it, your business process will be filled with pain that will radiate throughout your business.

For demanding customers, you need to provide them with quotes on demand. To speak to a Partner quoting Workspace (PqW) integration expert click here.

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