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How Collaboration Drives ROI

Collaborate with your suppliers, manufacturers & distributors to integrate
your critical data into your systems and sales processes.


Time savings to process sales opportunities from CCW Estimate to Customer Quote.


Elimination of manual copy/paste and accurate version control: reduction in time spent.


Increase in revenue


Increase in profit: 10-20%

Effective, automated collaboration with your manufacturers, distributors and customers is the key to reseller success.

The StrataVAR unified database is accurately maintained with automated data integration, allowing you to spend your time analyzing information rather than manually importing it from other systems or searching across your organization to find it.

Cisco commerce integration

introduces single click automated download of Deal Registrations, Estimates and Service contracts from Cisco portals such as CCW and CSCC.

Eliminates Excel copy/paste and their associated errors and wasted time

One click integration for BoM updates and reusable BoMs

Establish version and policy control as the deal changes

For DVARs, establish your COGS directly from Cisco

You have to use Cisco CCW to validate and order but need this information in your CRM

Distribution integration

integrates and audits the Disti Quote

Eliminate discrepancies between Disti and CCW

Replaces “stare and compare” with computer accuracy and automation

Essential for Two Tier (2T) Partners and DVAR Partners fulfilling indirectly

Multi-vendor support

Integrates out of the box with IngramMicco. Wetson/Comstor, TechData, Arrow, KBZ and others

Unified Partner Workspace

creating single source of truth controlled and managed by the Partner

Implemented on the world’s #1 secured, scalable and reliable platform

Flexible API integration to any system

Effective internal collaboration

powered with a modern cloud workflow, sharing, security and flexible platform

Secure access to information when and where it is needed

Permissions based system with full audit control

Optimal workflow tailored to Partner’s present processess

Management visibility

to real time data and historical analysis (BI) of collected information

provide unified view of business critical data down to SKU level, including quoting, profitability, rebates (VIP)

Timely access to actionable information

Reports, queries, dashboards

Customer collaboration

powered with a modern cloud workflow, sharing, security and flexible platform

Close more deals faster

Eliminate cumbersome untraceable email communication

Increase customer satisfaction

Add value to your relationship versus your competitors

Save valuable time with fewer customer inquiries

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