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Ditch Excel for Automated Data Integration for CRM and Quoting Tools

In the 21st century, we can still see many platforms integrate with other platforms by way of Excel Export/Import.

As antique as it sounds, even in the very high-end of the high-tech industry, there are many critical business services that rely on the manual Excel Import.

As an example, Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) has the ability to Export the BoM in an Excel file that can be imported by the Cisco Reseller Partner’s “other” systems (CRM, Quoting).

Let’s admit it, there may seem to be many advantages: it appears to be cheap, fast, easy, and anyone can do it. So why not?
The answer may be more complicated than “you get what you pay for”.

Here are the main reasons
– You have to manually massage the Excel, remove any lines that are not relevant, rearrange, sort, select, filter, etc.
– You need to make sure the format has not changed, otherwise GIGO Excel from Cisco Commerce Workspace has many items that may not be relevant to your process, such as zero cost items.
– The most difficult issue is next version synchronization of lines – how do you know which lines were deleted, changed or added?
– In CRM, such as SFDC, you need to split data between several objects such as Header and Line Items. Cannot be done from Excel.
– Above probably true for many other systems, such as quoting systems.
– There is no track history or audit ability at field & line level.
– Need to consolidate Excel from various sources, such as Disti cost with CCW BoM.
– Error prone – obviously! Easy to make expensive mistakes.

– Expensive – if you add up the manual effort taken to use Excel, what seems simplest and quickest turns out to be the slowest and most expensive solution possible.

Contact StrataVAR for a complete ROI analysis of your data integration and find out why Commerce Cloud Integration for your Cisco Products and Services Resale practices can be vastly improved with cloud based, automated data integration. After all, its your Data, why isn’t it on your Platform (with a single click)?

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