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How Enrichment drives ROI

Enrich your data with high value information such
as VIP rebates, margin calculations and more.


Increase your VIP Rebates each period by 5-10%


Increase margin by 10-30%


Savings through automation of the business process decrease effort by 50%

Enrichment of your data is the key to
unlocking additional profitability

Once you control your own data you can begin to enrich with business
critical information related to sales revenue, margin, incentive
rebates, service renewals and much more.

Cisco VIP Aware

automatically calculates and updates your potential VIP rebates per SKU based on actual COGS

Real time calculation during the sales process, Updated automatically every time the deal changes

Based on user based permissions,

Flexible to accept COGS from any fulfillment method

Enriches the data base with permanent record of item (SKU) and related VIP Track, Sub-track and Certifications

Valuable data for BI to analyze investments in SE Certifications and track enrollments

VIP optimization

Reconcile your VIP with order data to uncover missing payments

What impact would a 5% increase have on your bottom line?

Quote Assembly

Ease of use of assembling a complex quote using multiple sources

Virtual Deal Registrations, Global Customer Discounts are often very cumbersome to work with manually

Standardized workflow including per customer discounts, special terms and notes

Discover opportunities

for revenue and profit through the mining of your Services portfolio and Customer install base using data powered by Cisco.



Uncovered equipment

Have your Customers enrich your data through Customer Portals

Deploy secure and scalable portals for self service to the data you want your customers to see and act upon.

Service Contract data.

Serial number lookup.

Service renewal quotes.

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