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Partner Commerce Workspace

StrataVAR Partner Commerce Workspace (PcW) is a cloud-based solution that presents a unified, ‘single pane of glass’ view of all sales pricing, quoting and rebate information to every level in the reseller’s organization, resulting in significant improvements in profit margin, efficiency and customer response.

Increased Partner Profitability using accurate cost, granular margins, and accurate rebates.

Faster and More Efficient Sales Process – less than 2 minutes from a CCW BoM to a fully configured Customer Quote.

Extended Business Intelligence based on converting all Excel file-based to structured records.

Better managerial oversight tracking business critical parameters and avoiding costly errors.

Specially designed to address unique needs of ICT Resellers

Supports unique characteristics of the Resell process of Cisco and ICT VARs, combining both “buy side” (Vendors, Disti) and “sell side” (VAR’s Customers)

Unique “catalog-less” approach relying on quotes from Cisco, Disti and other vendors as the source of the BoM with detailed cost structure.

Quickly price end customer quotes using list price discount” or “margin/cost plus” methods.

Real-time dashboard for critical parameters: VAR cost, margin/profit, customer price/discount.

‘What-if’ pricing operations on all, some or specific items.

Easily assemble and package profitable customer quotes

Easily build a simple or complex end-customer quote from multiple sources such as Cisco, Disti and other vendors. Manipulate discount & margin of each item based on its type (hardware, maintenance, professional services) and the vendor pricing guidelines.

Precisely build customer quotes from multiple sources (CCW, CSCC, Disti, other vendors).

Effortlessly make adds, changes and deletes of BoM items as the sales process unfolds.

Adhere to Company policies through the entire process.

Ability to change the margin and/or discount of any SKU, configured box or grouping.

Adheres to the notion of the Cisco configured boxes (don’t allow broken validation).

Open CCW from StrataVAR to make changes and refresh in StrataVAR with a single click download.

Use real time, actionable data to make sales and business decisions

Make informed decisions that increase your competitiveness and profitability

View accurate cost and profitability information in real time during the sales process.

Quote confidently with accurate profit margins, and competitive pricing.

Act and react more quickly to your customer’s dynamic, ever-changing requirements and feedback.

Make important business decisions from accurate information that is unified on a single database.

Optimize your Cisco VIP rebates

Automatically calculate potential VIP rebates on BoMs and Quotes, based on personalized eligibility, using accurate Cost of Goods.

Calculate potential VIP rebate of every SKU in every deal.

Personalize your VIP program track/sub track/certification enrollments.

Use intelligent Search to find a VIP-optimized solution among many alternatives.

Based on sophisticated permission scheme to select ‘who can see what’.

Maximize your payout with valuable real time and ‘what-if’ VIP estimations.

Allocate certification training dollars intelligently based on historical data for VIP analysis.

VIP program catalogue and rules are maintained by StrataVAR, saving cost and headache for the VAR.

Remove errors and tedium from your customer quoting process

Easily build quotes from multiple data sources, create “what if” scenarios and leverage the power of modern SaaS Platform to eliminate errors prevailing in manual or Excel-based quoting.

Handle revisions and updates from CCW and Disti Quotes with ease and confidence.

Create an audit trail for business critical elements, showing “who changed what and when”.

Convert source Excel documents to structured records and elimination tedious and error-prone re-keying .

Log source documents in your data base for auditability.

Save valuable time and improve collaboration using unified data sources

Collaborate effectively between all stake holders: Sales Engineers, Account Managers, Internal Sales, Sales Ops and Finance, and know with confidence that your entire team is working with the one source of truth of the quoting data.

Share data across your organization during the entire sales process: from design to quote.

Eliminate legacy file-based data that is not fully trackable in tables, records and fields.

Report on all aspects of your buy-side quotes, discounts, product mix etc..

Compare and track sourcing alternatives, promotions and price trends.

Enforce policies in real-time.

Audit and track buy-side activities, pricing and processes.

Profit from data enrichment integrated with your business processes

Add value during each process in your workflow through automatic version control and data stored on your unified database.

Captures information from each step of the VAR”s workflow in the unified database – no more disparate files in shared folders.

Capture valuable information from Cisco, other manufacturers and distributors .

Create queries, reports, dashboards on demand to identify sources of greater profit margin.

Perform VIP reconciliation using actual sales data at the SKU level and be ready to support claims.

Bring your CRM back into the sales process

Unify the CRM process with Quoting process, eliminating the disconnect, resulting in accurate pipeline.

StrataVAR integrates with Salesforce.com and other CRM systems.

Critical information becomes instantly available for queries, reports and dashboards.

Create an accurate sales forecast pipeline that includes BoMs, COGS, and forecasted Quote.

Designed for Ease of Use

Interactive and real-time grid-style as the front-end, with robust Force.com backend, provides an intuitive and blazing fast workspace, whilst maintaining security, scalability and availability of the Force.com platform.

Familiar “grid style” UI makes user adoption very easy and comfortable.

Group operations make it easy to change few or thousands of items in close to real-time.

Scalable: Can handle 1000s of items in a quote .

What-if: any angle : discounts, profit, cost-plus, list-price-minus, margin, % or $.

Smart filtering and sorting supports selective changes – easily find the needle in the haystack.

Focus on important data – hide/unhide zero priced items, lock items for changes.