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Partner Integration Workspace

Sales & quoting process integration between Vendors/Distributors and Partner’s systems.

Cloud-based and ready-to-go adapters streamline sales & data processes by seamlessly connecting ecosystem sources including Cisco CCW & CSCC, Distributors and other vendors with Partner’s systems.

Increased Partner Profitability knowing your accurate, deal-specific cost

Increased Productivity – focus on the business, not the copy/paste

Faster and More Efficient Sales Process enabled by smarter tooling

Vastly Improved Business Intelligence – business data stored in database, not Excel files

Eliminate your Excel integration tools

Excel copy/paste is a tedious and error prone process that most Cisco Partners are forced to use when manually integrating the output from Cisco CCW and CSCC configuration and ordering and when receiving quotes for order fulfillment from Distribution Partners.

Business to Business(B2B) integrated workflow with CCW and CSCC.

Completely eliminates tedious and error prone manual copy and paste.

Support automated “refresh” cycles, the hardest to perform and track manually.

Converts flat useless data to objects, fields and records in the Partner’s CRM.

Intelligently automate your data integration

StrataVAR takes care of the hard parts of integration with CCW and CSCC.

Automates BoM import from CCW, including Estimates, Deal Registrations and Quick Quotes.

Automates Cisco maintenance quotes imports from CSCC for Cisco services.

Accurate and complete version control tracking who changed what, when and where for all critical fields.

Supports virtual Deal Registrations (i.e. RNSD) and other Cisco Commerce “corner cases” which tend to consume considerable manual resources during the quoting process.

Always know your true cost of goods sold (COGS) information

Never worry again about accurate COGS data as StrataVAR continually updates every SKU with every newly accepted version of the BoM from any source.

Automatic integration of COGS from Deal Registration (for DVARs), including special discounts & promotions.

Automatic integration of COGS from Disti based on Disti Quote.

COGS automatically updated with each newly imported version from all sources.

Global and Account-specific default Discount per Product Category .

Effectively manage multiple BoM sources

Integration with non-Cisco sources generating a comprehensive and unified experience where all sources are normalized as BoMs in the Partners’ CRM, providing one unified process.

Import non-Cisco BoM information directly from other vendor’s quotes or from Disti.

Unifies the data from disparate sources.

Easily supports and adapts to established Reseller Partner sales workflows.

Eliminates errors and omissions through accurate version control of each data source, where copy and paste is no longer effective or reliable.

Currently supports Disti quotes from: Ingram-Micro, TechData, Comstor/Westcon, Arrow & KBZ and generic Excel.

Flexible, smart Excel parsing, allows easy integration of additional non-API data sources.

Easily integrate and validate distributor BoM’s

Automatic comparison between Partner’s CCW quote and Disti version, eliminating costly discrepancies and tedious time consuming tasks.

Automates the upload of distributor BoM equivalent to CCW BoM.

Eliminates the “stare and compare” method of Disti Quote validation and audit.

Reconciles Disti Quotes with CCW data in the partner system.

Guides the user through BOM order reconciliation and highlights discrepancies in quantity, discount, missing items, superfluous items and more, ensuring accurate ordering from Disti.

Single click generation of exception reporting to speed the resolution process with Disti.

Streamline your downstream process integration

 Seamlessly integrates all your BoM’s quoted by Cisco, other vendors and Disti with your downstream quoting and ordering processes.

Direct integration with StrataVAR PcW for Quote Enrichment and PqW for Quoting.

Automatic “refresh” cycles directly from CCW & Disti down your sales & quote process.

REST API for integration with various Partner’s back-end and front-end systems.

Customize workflows, triggers, emails on any change in any value in any record to support policy and enable real time and actionable awareness of the sales workflow.

Enable reseller ‘buy-side’ business intelligence

Establishes auditability, enforces policies, enhances Partner internal collaboration, and supports management level business intelligence.

Legacy file-based data is no fully trackable in tables, records and fields.

Report on all aspects of your buy-side quotes, discounts, product mix etc.

Compare and track sourcing alternatives, promotions and price trends.

Enforce policies in real-time.

Audit and track buy-side activities, pricing and processes.