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Partner Quoting Workspace

Streamlines and accelerates the process of generating accurate, professional and profitable customer quotes that are customized to your specific end-customer and internal process requirements.

The first quoting solution created specifically to meet the needs of ICT VARs and Cisco Partners.

A SaaS solution that effectively integrates with any CRM (native to Salesforce.com).

Designed for team collaboration and support for the Reseller’s.

Flexible, customizable and nimble, emphasizing margin and pricing to optimize Reseller margin.

Create professionally looking quotes in minutes

Once your quote is assembled and priced in StrataVAR PcW, the data can be presented to the Customer in just a few keystrokes, saving time and reducing errors.

Quickly generate a personalized customer quote without any copy and paste of data.

Customized templates ensure that each customer quickly and accurately receives their quote in the format they expect.

Eliminates errors and omissions and costly mistakes in margin calculations.

Create revisions in minutes, while maintaining a complete audit trail and policy enforcement.

Designed for Cisco Partners and ICT VARs

Accurately supports hierarchical BoMs, maintaining the integrity of the Cisco-validated box level configuration while allowing flexible presentation methods that meet all customer requirements.

The first quoting solution that understands the ICT Reseller’s business.

Multi-vendor support combined with very advanced Cisco Commerce integration.

Full integration with Distribution and the ability to integrate multiple quotes into a single quote or a single quote into multiple quotes over time.

Designed to be customized and flexible enough to meet any Cisco Partner’s requirements.

Adheres to the notion of the Cisco configured boxes (don’t allow broken validation).

Open CCW from StrataVAR to make changes and refresh in StrataVAR with a single click download.

Flexible presentation layer supports ‘grouping’ the total solution for any scenario

A flexible, multi-tiered hierarchical structure supports the presentation to the customer in multiple formats and can be modified without breaking any validation rules.

Three levels of grouping support virtually any requirement for presentation to the customer.

Supports multiple presentation styles per quote, to address any internal or external requirement.

Excel and PDF versions are easily created and stored automatically as part of the audit trail.

Ability to email quotes directly from StrataVAR or your CRM.

Simple and responsive user interface is intuitive to use and handles all VAR requirements.

Smart filters for your presentation, such as removing zero priced line items.

Integrated with Account and Opportunity data from CRM

Creating a Quote is simplified and the process accelerated with direct integration with data from the customer account and opportunity records.

Insert Customer names, addresses and other necessary information to save valuable time and eliminate mistakes.

Flexible enough to select pre written text notes that are common to each Customer and insert them into the quote on demand.

Copies of the quotes are automatically stored in the VAR’s data base and CRM.

Critical values from the quote, such as price and margin are automatically integrated into CRM objects and records, such as Total Cost, Profitability and Customer Price of Hardware, Maintenance and VAR Professional Services.

Native and managed solution approved by Salesforce.com; or can be integrated to any CRM platform.

Effective Collaboration between all stakeholders

Enable effective collaboration of Sales teams during the quoting process, using smart workflow rules and triggers, while all working from a single source of truth

ISR, CSR, AE, SE and Management all share the same view of the data in real time.

Policy enforcement and auditability ensure that one team member can easily track progress and take action.

Share internal quotes across internal organizations and roles for input and approval.

Structured approval process for standard and unique situations.

Easy integration with financial systems and ERP systems via REST API.

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