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Partner Services Workspace

Manage Cisco and other Vendor’s Service Contracts on your own system, adding smart business triggers to discover new revenue opportunities.

Increase your profitability by identifying renewals and refresh opportunities where they are actionable in your system.

Vastly improve your business intelligence (BI) by analyzing installed base with flexible, ad-hoc reports and dashboards.

Improve your collaboration with customers using secure portals to share critical data.

Streamline internal support processes by sharing coverage information across your organization, such as serial number lookup.

Share valuable information and collaborate with your end-customers with powerful portals.

Seamless integration with CSCC service contract data

Seamlessly integrate data from CSCC into your sales operations tools and systems, such as CRM, eliminating the need for manual copy/paste operations that require exporting CSCC data into Excel files

Gain independence from the CSCC portal and access data from your own system.

Automated import of all Cisco Service Contract commercial data.

Single-click refresh of all Service Contract data as it changes.

Remove operational bottlenecks, where certain people’s expertise is a requirement for data access.

Multi-vendor support for Service Contracts for your entire install base

Service Contract data from any manufacturer can be automatically and seamlessly added to your data base for every customer.

Import service data easily from Disti or directly from Vendors.

Improve your customer support through access to a single data base for all service data.

Catch new opportunities for renewals, co-terminations and technology refresh across vendor lines.

Service Contract Information Available to Those Who Need It, When They Need It

Manage Service Contract Information on your own system, at the time and place your team needs it, and as part of your business process, eliminating the disconnect that exists today between portal-based information and your CRM, Quoting and ERP systems.

Identify renew, refresh and uncovered opportunities in your Customer’s networks.

Automatically identify expiring contracts with 30/60/90 day report and notify your sales team in an actionable way.

Relieve your SMARTnet experts to focus on contracts rather than internally supporting other team’s information needs.

Maintain high availability of critical information.

Enable easy access to Service Contract data for all employees, from your help desk to managed services, field sales and engineering.

Enrich your Services database automatically

Add your own information, on top of manufacturer data, to further enrich the data, enhance business processes, and obtain a complete view of the customer, deal, and contract.

Enrich Maintenance Contract data with your own data to enable support and installed base management, fully integrated with your existing workflow and processes.

Improved business analytics and reporting by creating ad-hoc reports and dashboards.

Identifying end of service products and create sales opportunities across your entire customer base.

Delight your customers with self-service, secure portal access

Collaborate with your customers with cost effective deployment of secure portals, allowing you to securely share relevant customer Service Contract data

Securely share selected Services Contract data with your designated customers (read-only).

Eliminate inefficient internal processes responding to customer inquiries regarding service contracts coverage.

Efficiently share renewals decisions on a per-item basis.

Enjoy greater customer satisfaction as well as a significant reduction in the need for your internal resources to run reports from CSCC or respond to ongoing customer inquiries.

Differentiate yourself from other VARs through modern portal technology.

Distribute data effectively in your organization to enable broader customer support capability.

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