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Simple, powerful quoting designed for Cisco Partners
to accelerate the quoting process.


Decrease effort to quote by up to 90%


Increase profit margin by 10-30%

CCW Estimate or Deal Registration to Quote in under 2 minutes

StrataVAR quoting

addresses the unique and specific requirements of being a Cisco Reseller Partner by solving the following problems:

The way the quote can be grouped and organized reflects the needs of the VAR and can be flexible enough to meet many different requirements that may be unique to different Customers of the same Reseller.

Enforce management profit margin targets and other company policies with data driven rules and triggers

Quote Assembly

Ease of use of assembling a complex quote using multiple sources

Virtual Deal Registrations, Global Customer Discounts are often very cumbersome to work with manually

Standardized workflow including per customer discounts, special terms and notes

Discover opportunities

for revenue and profit through the mining of your Services portfolio and Customer install base.



Uncovered equipment

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