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Our Best-in-Class Solutions

Optimized for your specific business requirements

to give you a competitive advantage.


Effective collaboration of business critical sales and service contract data from your suppliers, manufacturers and distributors

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StrataVAR solutions bring critical data into your system and facilitate its enrichment to provide advanced business intelligence.

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StrataVAR introduces the first quoting system designed specifically for Cisco Partners and ICT VARs.

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``With StrataVAR PSW empowering our teams, we achieved a 91.3% renewal rate this past quarter.``
- Alan Sears, CEO of TBL Networks
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The StrataVAR Demand Checklist

I need to accelerate my design to quote process.

I am tired of losing money on costly errors and manual effort.

I'm tired of Excel and want to streamline my process.

I want to automate Cisco and Distribution data reconciliation.

I want to see more information in my CRM and achieve a higher ROI on this investment.

My renewal rates and rebates are not meeting my expectations.

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Customer Testimonials

A 91.3% Renewal Rate

"With StrataVAR PSW Empowering Our Teams, We Achieved A 91.3% Renewal Rate This Past Quarter."

Alan Sears CEO TBI Networks

Solving workflow challenges

"StrataVAR's domain expertise and solutions are making a huge impact on our productivity and profitability"

Leonard Lane VP, Venture Technologies

Results-driven solutions

“StartaVAR's consistent execution, responsiveness and expertise place them head and shoulders above the competition.

Chris Applegate VP Operations Internetwork Engineering

Improve your bottom line

Quote faster. Sell More. Retain Customers.


Reduction in total sales cycle time.


Net profit increase from VIP rebate data.


Increased revenue from fast, efficient quoting.


Increased profit margin through error reduction.

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