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Cisco quoting integration

All-in-one, fully integrable Quoting software for ICT VARs, developed to optimize your entire quoting process.

StrataVAR’s platform provides all the functions you need as an ICT VAR to create a quote quickly, take on more projects with less effort.

Trusted by ICT VARs,
loved by end-users and VAR’s clients.

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“StrataVAR has become an essential business partner. Their consistent execution and expertise put them head & shoulders ahead of the competition”
Chris Applegate VP, Operations & Corporate Services,

Internetwork Engineering

Import your multiple BoMs, assemble to a single quote. Price it, customize it, send it, get it approved.

Stratavar Cisco quoting integration seamlessly integrates with the leading vendors & distis and enables you to go from BoMs to one quote, in a few clicks.

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Stratavar’s PqW seamlessly integrates with the leading vendors, Distis, ERPs and CRMs.

All the functions you need as an ICT VAR, on one platform. Quoting software designed uniquely to automate and simplify the quoting process.

StrataVAR walks you through the process so you can get those quotes out the door, quickly. Leading CPQ software solution.

Eliminate Human Error

Eliminates errors due to copy & paste that can cause unplanned costs and impact your margins

Create what-if scenarios

Create multiple versions of the same quote with advanced the advanced filters

Quick quote turnaround

Generate as many quotes as you like, in 60% less time, handle more quotes for more clients

Accurate profit forecast

Sales teams, accounting and account managers, can now be in sync with accurate margin forecasting


Integrates easily with dozens of vendors and tools; such as Salesforce, Cisco, Comstore, Dell, Microsoft Dynamics, and more

Sub heads & Grouping

Break your quote down to groups, enable all stakeholders to be on the same page for quick reference

Easily track edits

Track modifications, edits, comments, retain control of your quote while sharing your quote

Effective, real-time collaboration

Share your screen with your customers, crunch the numbers until you see the profit and margin that you want

Supports multiple currencies

Global VARs, create a quote in one currency of your choice, automatically after importing multiple BOMs in multiple currencies

Quick-and-easy quote revisions

Enjoy effective meetings with your customer while eliminating the number of meetings with teams and clients

The #1 Quoting software designed for ICT VARs

StrataVAR - Leading Cisco quoting integration

CPQ Quoting software solution

Revolutionize your entire business by optimizing your quoting process

Get rid of spreadsheet operation mess and upgrade your business with a tool that can help you get more quotes out the door, in 60% less time.

start using the leading CPQ software solution in the market.

Without a smart tool to help you navigate the whole quoting cycle, you end up burning valuable resources.

If any of these sound familiar…
Copying and pasting is part of your quoting process
You worry about sending Excel spreadsheets around, track who has seen them, who’s modified them
You’re losing hours importing multiple BoMs, just to integrate them into one quote
Back-and-forth iterating, just to get a quote out the door
You need a tool that can hold limitless line items in your quote
Want to expand to other vendors, but can’t crank out those quotes fast enough
A sale happens, only to realize that your margin wasn’t what you calculated
Tried other quoting solutions, they don’t solve the unique complexities of quoting for ICT customers
Get rid of burdensome and error-prone practices that ICT VARs face with copy & paste operations.

Developed to optimize your entire quoting process, our VAR’s platform transforms all of the tedious, bits-and-pieces and time consuming process of quoting ICT items and services, into a non-issue.

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