The ICT VAR that you manage has received a request-for-quote from a new customer – congratulations!

Now, you need to choose between “quality” (in other words, accuracy) and “speed” (quick turnaround time). Rush the quote out, and you risk errors… and losses. Double and triple check for accuracy, and you may lose the business.  Which to prioritize? 

What if you could ensure quality, while keeping time-to-quote to a minimum?  Wouldn’t that be great?  After all, customers tend to judge your ability to deliver an ICT solution based on the speed and quality of your quote.  But is it possible to have both? Yes, it’s not only possible – but it’s simple too.  The keys are integration and automation.

That’s where StrataVAR’s PqW (Partner Quoting Workspace) comes in. PqW, which provides tight integration with Cisco CCW and with other vendors and distributors, puts an end to
Excel-based quotes that require endless copy/paste operations, and having to deal with a variety of BOM formats – requiring the use of scripts in order to consolidate the data.  Using PqW, quotes are automatically generated – with no manipulation of Excel sheets.

In addition, the content, look-and-feel, organization, and format of the quote can be customized to suit individual customer’s needs. For example, you can choose whether or not to show list prices.  Or to list hardware, software, and services in separate sections. The quote itself can be published either in PDF or in Excel format.

Customers often judge a VAR’s abilities by the speed with which they respond to changes. With PqW automation, generating an updated quote takes just a few seconds – with no need for another round of checks and reviews. 

PqW allows you to provide additional details at no extra effort.  It automatically adds notes, attachments, and pricing details for each item.  Your customer will appreciate the extra effort that you’ve made.

Want to try StrataVAR PqW and improve customer experience? 

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