"No other Quoting software that we considered, fit the criteria we needed as an ICT VAR. They didn’t understand the ITC business and they didn’t speak our language."

PqW’s Quoting software supports all the functions you need, to guarantee accurate margin forecasting & easy to approve quotes in just a few clicks.

Cisco quoting integration
"With Stratavar we’ve been able to dramatically lower turnaround times when the quote that we get from our engineers, accurately reflects what we propose to our customers."
Sean Mackirdy, Support Manager

"Without a smart tool to help you navigate the whole quoting cycle, you end up burning valuable resources. StrataVAR’s PqW proved to be ideal for handling all these options and tracking them as well"
Alan Sears, CEO at TBI Networks

Flexible Pricing

StrataVAR includes a powerful, flexible and agile pricing engine that enables you to:

Adjust flexible discounting based on discounts of list price, markup, margin, target customer price, and target cost

Create what-if scenarios of pricing that you can share with your teams

Track your team’s edits of pricing

The pricing engine enables you to construct your best offer, by generating multiple, possible quotes so you can visualize the best version for your business.

Group your Quote Items

Customize your quote by grouping the items, so you can

Create a legible, easy to review layout that’s easy to scan

Group by many category options; professional services, sub-totals, total price, subscription and more

Create a beautifully laid out quote that's easy to approve

Grouping your quote creates beautiful, easy to read quotes that helps you iterate quickly, allows all stakeholders to be on the same page while processing the quote, from preparation to approval.

Easily Integrate your Vendor & Disti Quotes

With a few clicks, create a quote from multiple BoMs

Import large BoMs easily with StrataVARs’ Disti Import

Import any amount of Disti BoMs from any vendor, in any format

PqW maintains the structure of your original BoMs, even ‘non-organized’ spreadsheets

Consolidate all of your quoting items and services into one workspace for easy access to all items you’ve ever quoted

For Cisco Partners, import Cisco CCW

Eliminate the endless hours of copy & paste, painstaking tracking and reviewing for any errors which are the inevitable part of manual processes.

VIP Rebates

Cisco quoting software For Cisco partners

While creating your quote, get visibility into real time rebates

Get your automatically calculated Cisco VIP and other rebates, based on VAR’s eligibility, Part Number & other rules

Adapt your quote while accessing the latest rebates

Get access to rebate opportunities in real time, maximize your potential for rebates by adjusting your quote in real-time.

Customized Quote Export Format Template

Custom, sophisticated quote format, well beyond what any other tool offers - Cisco quoting software

Export your quotes in PDF, CSV or Excel formats, customized export in JSON or XML

Break your quote down into different Excel tabs, categorized by topic and format of your choice

Brand and customize the format of your quote, with static and dynamic content / information

Control the visibility of columns, sections, decide which data you want your customers to see in the customer facing quote

Customizable, flexible subtotal calculations at any level of the quote

Apply customized modifications

Create a quote from multiple multi-currency BoMs, into one selected currency quote, using dated exchange rates

Signature integration

Save dozens of hours with PqW’s flexible end customer templating, that provides you with dynamic configuration of your customer facing quotes

Product Catalog

Manage your own catalogue, from all quotes and BoMs that you import into the workspace.

Automatically create a comprehensive catalogue of easily accessible items for quickly creating future quote

Make your professional services quickly accessible to the quote

Classify and categorize every item according to vendor, item type, by storage, product family, etc for quick access

Pull items from the catalog, define specific default or customized rules about existing items or categories you'd like to apply for your quote

Automate your quote creation by having all of the relevant data you need, at hand, with no need to import or copy & paste.