Partner Renewal Workspace (PrW)

Seamless management and automation of maintenance and subscription renewals, purpose-built for ICT VARs.

Fast & Accurate Renewals No Tradeoffs

Comprehensive Renewal Management Workspace

Manage the entire renewal lifecycle allowing for better forecasting, planning and achieving your business goals.

Proactive Business Opportunity Discovery

Leverage smart business triggers to capitalize on hardware refresh opportunities in your customer’s networks, based on critical information such as EoX.

Agile Communication with end-user

Easily communicate, interact, and manage the price to quote process with the customer, enhancing the user experience and increasing close rates.

Streamlined procurement process & service delivery

Effortlessly consolidate data from various sources, identify upcoming renewals and hardware refresh opportunities, and swiftly obtain accurate quotes from distis and vendors.

Enhanced Speed and Accuracy

Reduce the time to quote, minimizing manual work, and ensuring detailed pricing of what items are to be renewed and the renewal terms.

Consistent Renewal Processes

Employ a consistent methodology and workflow to oversee maintenance and subscription renewals and track their progression, securing timely execution.

Key Capabilities

A Fully Integrated Renewals Solution. The VARs’ Way.

Seamless System Integration

Consolidating the gap between your data sources, CRM, quoting, and ERP systems, ensuring seamless information flow.

Easily import, distribute, and consolidate data from distis and vendors, such as Cisco SmartNet, for enhanced renewal management.

Automated Maintenance & Subscription Renewal Management

Streamline maintenance & subscription renewal tracking for account-based opportunities.

Flexible Reporting and Dashboards

Utilize versatile reporting and dashboard features for comprehensive insights.

Scalable Data-set Support

Support millions of records seamlessly for robust data management.

Process Fit

Manage the entire lifecycle from renewals to pre-quoting in a single platform.

Designed for ICT VARs. Customizable to your unique requirements

Designed and customized to address the unique challenges faced in the ICT sector, it not only meets the current demands of VARs but also adapts to your evolving needs through customizable features. PrW ensures that you can effectively optimize your operations, aligning precisely with your business requirements and goals.

See How It Works

Break the barriers of your Salesforce CPQ with the ‘pre-processor’ designed for the unique needs of the ICT VAR space.

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Uncover New Hardware Refresh Opportunities

Uncover new business avenues and enhance your revenue stream with a tailored solution for streamlined processing and renewal management.

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