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FAQs about Quoting Software for VARs of ICT Value Added Resellers

We’ve gathered the most crucial questions about creating a quote as a VAR;

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Yes. StrataVAR can import externally configured BoMs, with 1 click. StrataVAR imports through API and utilizes intelligent parsing of Excel/XML/JSON, eliminating the need for any manual, error-prone copy & paste.

With StrataVAR’s platform, you can import BoMs and maintain the original structure of the vendor/Disiti quotes, preserving the full hierarchical support

No worries. StrataVAR enables you to control your vendors’ configurations. With PqW, StrataVAR’s quoting platform. You can prevent your users from mistakenly changing any configurations that have been validated by the vendor’s complex rules.

Complex subscription quotes are difficult to manage. Especially without an automated tool. StrataVAR was developed with all of those unique challenges in mind. Today, the platform provides a quick solution for importing complex subscription quotes, including any subscription model, billing periods, overages in any combination.

StrataVAR’s platform helps manage the modification of subscription quotes. The platform enables actions such as mid-term additions, deletions, quantity changes, rebates, prorating and co-termination of complex subscriptions by integration with the Vendor/Dsiti platform.

StrataVAR’s platform supports the maintenance of contract renewals of Cisco, vendors and Disti renewal quotes, including co-termination, take-over, service level, changes to start to end dates and adding/removing items that no longer require support.

By using StrataVAR’s platform, you can easily import and manage your renewals. Our platform supports Cisco, Disti & other vendor subscription renewals processes.

Since StrataVAR is fully integrated with Cisco, our platform automatically calculates Cisco VIP and other rebates, based on VAR’s eligibility, Part Number and purchase order dates.

Easily! StrataVAR’s platform enables VARs the ability to either manually or automatically handle the entry of rebates and refunds.

With StrataVAR you can apply flexible discounting modes based on: Discount off List Price, Markup, Margin, target Customer Price, Target Cost.

With StrataVAR’s platform, there’s practically no limitation on the size or item lines you can add. You can create complex quotes and / or renewal quotes for enterprise solutions with 30,000 items.

StrataVAR automates all data transfers with API or automatic parsing. This completely eliminates the need for any manual Excel copy/paste processes for both the ingest and the export of quotes.

Yes, StrataVAR enables you to easily create one quote composed of multiple BoM sources. You can create one, single customer-facing quote by combining Cisco CCW Deal Regs, Subscription, Disti and other Vendors BoMs, simply – with a couple of clicks.

Easily. Once you’ve imported items into our platform’s workspace, you have automatically created your own “organizational” catalogue. Each and every SKU that you import, any BoM of items or services that you’ve quoted, are all stored for future quick access.

StrataVAR’s quoting platform enables the person creating the quote, to define pricing rules and customer-quote exports, based on the item type of each quote line. The purpose is to automate and speed up the quoting process.

Easily. In StrataVAR’s quoting platform, automatically assign Manufacturer and Supplier based on fuzzy logic of imported data. This is also possible with manual override, using the internal catalogue.

StrataVAR has full integration with Cisco. This enables partners to quickly import complete Cisco CCW Estimates or Deal Registrations (DealReg), with 1 click. It’s super-simple.

Sure! StrataVAR is fully integrated with Cisco, which enables you to import Cisco Maintenance Renewal Quotes (CCWR) with no limitations on length or size.

StrataVAR has the ability to import quote files from any Disti in Excel, CSV, XML or JSON formats, completely eliminating the need for you to manually copy & paste.

StrataVAR has no practical limitation on the number of lines. You can import as many items as you want into your quote that will incorporate as many lines as you’d like.

Yes, there is a way. Within Stratavar’s platform, you can import any distributor’s or vendor’s BoM, in any of these formats; Excel, XML, JSON, CSV, into one quote.

Yes, it’s possible. With StrataVAR, you can import your files from any distributor or vendor. And – the import preserves the integrity and alignment of the data from the original files, even if you want to merge a number of BoMs from multiple sources. The process is simple, and within a few clicks you’ll have a single customer-facing quote.

Very simple! You can utilize your Disti’s API, with one click. You can import quotes from supported distributors (examples: TechData, Ingram, Cisco, Synnex, Weston Comstor). This completely eliminates any need for copy & paste.

StrataVAR supports a generic import template for other non-supported sources. So no need to copy & paste any BoMs!

Yes, StrataVAR supports a two-way integration with leading enterprise systems of these major entities: Catalogues, Accounts, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders Good Receipt Notification and others

Yes, we have API-based integration with leadingERP, CRM & Other Integrations: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce CRM, FinancialForce and Legacy QuickBooks.

Yes, absolutely. StrataVAR integrates with ERP, CRM & Other Integrations in the US based on shipping from/to information.

Yes, PsW is a platform that is designed just for that. PsW helps by significantly simplifying the management of your subscription renewals.

StrataVAR’s quoting platform enables you to define pricing rules and customer-quote exports, based on the item type of each quote line, all with the pupose of automating and speeding up the process.

Automatically assign Manufacturer and Supplier based on fuzzy logic of imported data, that also support manual override using the internal catalogue.

Easily! StrataVAR’s platform enables you to apply flexible pricing models, based on: discount off list, increase or decrease, markup or margin, with real time rollup calculations of profitability, using percentages or absolute values.

Sure, StrataVAR’s platform enables you to set pricing and other actions for a subset of items, based on flexible filtering of just about any criteria of your choice.

Within StrataVAR, with a few clicks you can set any pricing parameter can be set to a certain value, or changed by a specific factor of your choice.

StrataVAR allows you to set a targeted customer price, for competitive situations. You can also set the required cost or according to the desired margins.

StrataVAR calculates rollup deal parameters such as profitability (total and %) for the whole or subset of the quote, categorized by Item Type. You also have the option to include or not include – rebates that impact the profitability.

With StrataVAR’s quoting platform, you can make real-time changes to any of your quotes, including long quotes, showing subset pricing in real time based on files and user’s selections.

Yes! You can create unlimited versions of any quote and tag their status (active etc.). You can also restore older quotes, and apply different rules to the variety of items or categories.

Yes, you have the ability to create multiple active quotes under a given opportunity, with opportunity rollup of active quotes only. Any quote can be set to active/inactive.

With StrataVAR’s platform, you can apply grouping, called “Group your Quote Items” in several levels for representation purposes, such as location, technology, project phase, etc.

You have full control of the line items, within StrataVAR’s platform. You can indicate quote items as either optional (items that are not added to the total price) or hide items on the customer quote.

Yes, StrataVAR has the option for customizable logic to auto-calculate and add shipping costs based on various parameters, such as: box sizes, weight, total hardware cost, and more.

Yes! StrataVAR’s platform automatically calculates Cisco VIP rebates based on VAR’s eligibility, date, relevant VIP calculations rules. You can also search what the VIP % rebate is of a specific product.

Yes, StrataVAR’s platform automatically creates a catalog of items you’ve already imported. All items are saved in the “local master item” in the quoting workspace. The catalog also allows the user to further enrich the catalog by using various parameters.

Yes, StrataVAR’s PqW automatically categorizes the Item Type (Hardware, SaaS, Maintenance, etc.)

No! There is no practical limit. You can import long Cisco CCWR and Disti quotes covering maintenance renewals of 30,000’s of items.

Yes, within StrataVAR, you can apply various pricing and discounting for long quotes with thousands of items.

No there is not. You can export customer-facing quotes containing tens of thousands of items in PDF, Excel or CSV formats.

PsW, StrataVAR’s Service Workspace provides an internal scalability database and processes for supporting millions of records for maintenance contracts.

StrataVAR offers custom formats for your quotes, that can include any field from the system, structured and designed as you like, all under the VAR branding guidelines.

The formats for exporting quotes can be PDF, CSV or Excel. Custom export in JSON or XML is optional.

Yes, In StrataVAR’s platform, you can export categorized data into different Excel tabs, categorized and in different formats of your choice.

VAR’s branding can include logos, colors, fonts, addresses and any dynamic or static information.

WIth StrataVAR, you can enjoy flexible and powerful logic to embed any related field in the exported quote, embedding data from almost any entity in the system.

Each template we offer can support dynamic visibility of columns, sections and other dynamic features.

In the “export quotes” section, you can add calculations and complex logic to support complex structures. You can also define the visibility of fields, and define any formatted calculations based on any values in the quote.

Yes. You can structure your quote by various levels and hierarchical information, grouping or other categorization of your choice.

Yes. You have the flexibility to calculate the subtotal at any level based on various parameters.

StrataVAR supports unlimited templates for various requirements.

Yes, StrataVAR can apply special end-customer requirements for any purpose, such as special formatting or separation of sections.

Yes. StrataVAR’s platform provides you with the ability to manipulate the output and by hiding certain quote lines and create roll-up summaries, hiding certain details based on user dynamic selection.

Existing screens can be customized based on type of information and user profile, fields can be added, hidden or rearranged on any and all StrataVAR application screens.

With Stratavar, you can run ad-hoc or periodic reports and export data. Users can get transaction insights on the status of quotes. You can also have access to BI information such as profit margin trends, recurring vs. one-time revenue, Sales Order Status and more.

Yes, Custom objects can support additional data and processes that enhance the capabilities and functionality of the standard solution.

Yes, you can add custom fields to support additional data and processes on standard objects.

Create custom workflows with custom UI and business logic to modify , add or delete records, and utilize special “approval processes” such as low margin approvals by VP Sales.

Yes, StrataVAR checks user input against complex validation rules to avoid saving invalid data.

Yes, StrataVAR has an Open API that enables external systems to retrieve, add or manipulate data. StrataVAR supports standard web services to enable complex business processes.

Yes, with StrtaVAR you can add custom business logic using customization wizards (Flow) and arbitrary code.

Special flows can be defined to automatically handle events in the database, to check validity and manipulate related data.

Yes, StrataVAR enables you to set notifications to users by email, tasks or other messaging systems based on complex business events.

Custom web services that can be consumed by external services

StrataVAR can quickly add or modify business logic with declarative tools, or use programmatic tools for most complex scenarios.

Yes, each record on any SKU can store and display multiple currencies simultaneously.

StrataVAR’s API is connected to various free or paid Exchange Rate update services to automatically add daily rates.

Each rate has a date time stamp and can be reused on any record. All objects in StrataVAR support multiple currencies.

Yes, you can. StrataVAR offers real-time conversion from the source currency in imported data into a single quote currency.

Define org-level and user-level default currency, while supporting each record on any object with its own currency.

Create customer-facing quotes in one currency / other currencies, using specific exchange date rates, or incorporate multiple currencies within the same quote.

Yes. You can dynamically change the currency of a quote while editing, or save the currency and store new values within the Quote.

No, StrataVAR maintains the original currency value and the converted value on the same record to allow ordering using the original values.

Custom fields support all the same multi-currency capabilities as standard StrataVAR fields.

StrataVAR automatically integrates with Cisco Sales Order API for daily updates on Sales Order shipments.

Periodically (daily – need to define GMT time) refresh the Sales Order data in PqW by pulling information from CCW.

Display shipping information at the box level, with expected data, air bill number, destination address and retrieve the Serial Number of the shipped equipment.

Yes, you can retrieve the information with the Serial Number of the shipped equipment.

Identify changes to Shipping date or status periodically update the StrataVAR Sales Order data.

Alert StrataVAR users based on any updates for the Sales Order information when updated from CCW.

With StrataVAR, it’s possible to have an end-customer portal and share a subset of fields of any object, such as Sales Order, Maintenance Contracts or Quote with end-users.

StrataVAR provides strong security verification steps, defining which external users can login and what information is exposed to specific users.

You can share PqW objects, such as Quotes and Sales Orders (or PsW Maintenance & subscription contracts).

You can allow users to search data using global search on almost any field.

And you can allow certain end-users (based on profile) to create custom reports.

Yes, of course. Your end-users can get updates by email regarding specific business events.

Yes, you can brand the Portal with VARs logo, colors, header, footer, menus and more.

In your portal, each VARs can customize any aspect of the Portal, starting with branding, formatting, look & feel, screen design, page layouts, report layouts and more.

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