Platform Overview

StrataVAR’s quoting integration platform is where ICT VAR teams create quotes quickly, no matter what length or complexity.

Utilize unique modules in our CpQ integration software that's specifically built to speed 10X your quoting process.

StrataVAR includes a powerful, flexible and agile pricing engine that enables you to:

Solid Integrations with vendors and Distis

Ditch the copy & paste

30,000+ line items incorporated seamlessly into one quote, in a couple of clicks

Assign discounts / markups on groups of items, based on characteristics

Control permissions and track edits

Quick approvals workflow

Quick quote turnover

Cisco CCW Integration

The power of many tools in one platform

Quoting Integration Platform - Cpq Integration

Partner’s Quoting Workspace (PqW)

A quoting integration platform, PqW is an all-in-one solution for optimal processing and management of all CCW quoting related functions

Integrates BoMs of all sizes, into one (endless amount of lines)

Integrate your current tools and working process, into one workspace

Layout your quote by groups, category, pricing and more

Create what-if scenarios of the same quote, to create the optimal version to send to your customer

For Cisco partners, get in-depth insights into your VIP rebate opportunities

Solves the most complex challenges of quoting as a value-added reseller for ICT

Partners’ Service Workspace (PsW)

Manage your subscription and managed services contracts on one CpQ - quoting integration platform

Enables effective management of vendor’s subscription contracts

Includes smart business triggers to discover new revenue opportunities

Automates the import of your service and subscription contracts

Completely eliminates excel based operations

Eliminates copy & paste errors

For Cisco VARs, PsW fully integrated with CCW-R

Connects your portal based info and your CRM, quoting and ERP systems

Easily assign contracts and subscriptions, into your with a few clicks

Supports millions of asset records

Pro-actively identifies equipment replacement opportunities

Easily manage your subscription contracts, retrieve, update and process data

Cisco quoting integration

Salesforce CpQ Integration (Revenue Cloud) Booster

For Salesforce users, the CpQ Booster helps you by

Filling in the critical gaps needed specifically for all VARs, whether you are a Salesforce CpQ user or non-CpQ user, to smoothly streamline the entire quoting process

Providing maximum flexibility to build multi-vendor quotes, to mix & match partial quotes

Refreshes your quote without errors or redefining your discounting

Providing maximum flexibility to build multi-vendor quotes, to mix & match partial quotes

Provide the ultimate tool for Cisco Quoting integration

Maintains your vendors’ BoM structure, StrataVAR’s quoting platform preserves the consistency and integrity of your BoM structure

Eliminate the need for copy & paste operations and the errors that go with them

Business Process Integrations

Maximize the investment in your existing solutions by integrating them with StratVAR

Integrate tools you may use for quoting, pricing, data analysis, biz opportunities, collaboration and others

Integrate your vendor and Disti BoMs into one platform, to one quote

Connect your quoting process to all other relevant data

Integrates with CRMs, financial tools such as Quickbooks and more

Custom Integrations to create the perfect solution for your business

Enjoy access to all of your critical data, on one collaborative platform.

Sales Order Status

Manage and view the status of your Cisco CCW sales order, in real time

Share status of Sales Orders from suppliers & vendors directly from the workspace, with automatic refresh and business alerts

Track inventory at the box level, retrieve serial numbers of shipped equipment, identify changes in shipping date or stats

View all in-progress quotes and the status of outstanding quotes, in one space

After the quote's been completed, follow the progress and tasks to be done

Multi Currency Converter

Assemble multiple BoMs, each in different currencies, into one unified currency, automatically

API connection to free or paid exchange rate update services to automatically add daily rates

Real time conversion from source currency in imported data, into a single quote currency

Create a quote in one given currency from multiple sources and multiple currencies, using specific conversion rates dates conversion rates

Maintain original currency value and converted value on the same record to allow ordering, using the original values

Eliminate complicated calculations needed, when translating multi currency BoMs into one quote. With a couple of clicks, get a unified quote in any currency.

Advanced Analytics & Reports

Generate comprehensive reports and sophisticated analytics, customized for your specific business to gain insights into

Advanced analytics on margins, approved quotes, non-approved quotes

Improve your business intelligence (BI) by analyzing installed base with flexible, ad-hoc reports and dashboards

Easily generate reports on demand, for your customers, and team members

Fully customizable dashboards to visualize the output & productivity of your quoting

Statistics on status of open quotes

All users can create custom dashboards that are relevant to them, on demand

Gain insightful dashboards & reports. Customize your own dashboards and reports

Schedule production of sophisticated, automatically generated reports of your choice

Get the Power of an All-In-One quoting Integration Platform, for quick, accurate quotes for faster approval.