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About Stratavar

What is StrataVAR?

StrataVAR is an all-in-one quoting solution, developed to solve the major, unique challenges of quoting for clients of ICT VARs.

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Our mission

Simply put, we want to continue to do what we do best: end-to-end optimization the quoting process for VARs of ICT, so they can spend more time doing what they love and see a steady, faster and easier path to increasing probability with clarity on what their margins from each quote will be.

We’ve seen just how messy, complicated, time consuming and error prone the proposal process is, for VAR businesses. Whether using one of the alternative or common quoting tools or whether using spreadsheets, none of these options are sufficient in simplifying the main obstacles to simply getting a quote out, quickly.

We’ve also seen the dramatic transformations our customers have experienced, after adopting StrataVAR’s platform.

As one client described; “Before, it was just brutal. If someone on the team or the customer comes back and wants to revise something, you’d have to go and start the whole process over again. Now, with StrataVAR’s tool, quoting has become a non-issue”.

No matter how large, complex that quote seems? We partner with each and every customer to ensure that ensure that the quoting process to be a non-issue.

Our values

We work with each and every customer to ensure their success. We aspire to make quoting, a non-issue for every single VAR of ICT. Since each VAR business is unique, we partner closely with each of our customers to ensure a quick and smooth onboarding experience. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our platform blends in naturally with the unique, existing ecosystem and workflow of each business that we partner with.
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“StrataVAR has exceeded our expectations and quickly become an essential business partner for our organization. Their consistent execution, responsiveness and demonstrated expertise place them head and shoulders above much of their competition.

The StrataVAR team is a pleasure to work with. They are nimble, creative and exceedingly conversant in the challenges facing Solution Integrators.”
Chris Applegate VP, Operations & Corporate Services,

Internetwork Engineering

Background & History

StrataVAR’s founder, Rafi (Raphael) Epstein, founded StrataVAR using his vision and experience in the Networking Industry Reseller Channel, founding a company called Netformx.

Netformx introduced their network discovery along with a design and quoting tool for Cisco and other vendors.

Alongside these, Netformx integrated the manufacturer’s “single source of truth” for product SKU’s and configuration rules.

The landscape in the Reseller community has changed dramatically, and the “pain” of doing business with large manufacturers, such as Cisco, has shifted to the B2B or eCommerce facet of the business.

Many large resellers have created their own IT solutions and are finding them very expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate securely with new SaaS offerings for CRM, quoting and so forth. Others have tried competitive solutions that even with good intentions and expensive adjustments, don’t solve the challenges of quoting for ICT reseller’s clients.

Smaller resellers simply have to live without the information available to their larger competitors, placing them at a disadvantage and limiting their ability to grow market share.

StrataVAR provides a solution that is critical to resellers where they need it the most: in the formation, editing and quoting of customer sales opportunities.

We’re proud to serve ICT VARs all around the globe!