Solve the Time vs. Accuracy Dilemma: Find Out How Automation Tools Empower ICT VARs to Create Quick & Error Free Quotes

In the dynamic world of technology VARs (Value Added Resellers), a crucial question often looms large: How to achieve the perfect equilibrium between speed and accuracy when creating quotes? VARs often find themselves torn between quickly sharing a subpar quote to stay ahead of the competition or investing additional time and resources to create a highly accurate proposal, mitigating the risk of losing the deal due to a delayed response. This predicament is further compounded by quotation complexities and manual processes, which can lead to a decline in proposal accuracy.

In order to revolutionize proposal creation and to maintain a competitive edge, ICT VARs (Value Added Resellers) now have the opportunity of utilizing highly sophisticated automation tools to enhance the quoting process.

The Impact of Manual Processes on Proposal Accuracy:

As an example, let us consider a leading ICT VAR (Value Added Reseller) company. Like many other companies in the industry, they are faced with daunting challenges when relying on manual processes for creating quotes which include:

  • The human based quoting ecosystem demands significant resources, time & effort to produce quality quotes.
  • Quote changes by the end customer often results in confusion and chaos, further compounding inaccuracies in the proposals.
  • Valuable resources are consumed by labor intensive copy & paste tasks and increase the likelihood of errors.

When VARs (Value Added Resellers) embrace automation tools to overcome the challenges posed by manual processes, they enhance their proposal accuracy and streamline their operations. These tools can provide an efficient solution to manage quote creation, eliminate errors, while saving valuable time and resources. With automation, VARs can improve their proposal accuracy while maintaining a competitive advantage even on a tight deadline.

Multiple Iterations during Quote Generation

Changes in customer requirements during the quoting process often led to multiple versions of the quote. While this is standard industry practice, often VAR (Value Added Reseller) teams struggled with managing these changes at a ground level. Quoting becomes a maze of complexity, as VARs grapple with merging multiple BoMs (Bill of Materials) when the need arises to create different versions.

Manually merging multiple BoMs has always been a complex and error-prone task, which includes the issues below:

  • Potential for human errors and inconsistencies when manually tracking and consolidating multiple BoMs from different sources and suppliers.
  • Struggles in ensuring that all components are included, and pricing is accurately reported when incorporating multiple changes.
  • Risks of mixing component and pricing information from multiple updated BoMs, leading to inaccurate proposals.

Apart from these issues, the manual processes have additional consequences, which can be equally grave to the VAR (Value Added Reseller). Proposals suffering from inaccuracies and inaccurate cost estimates, delays in proposal delivery as well as sluggish customer response may tarnish any VARs longstanding reputation/relationship.

Financial implications weigh heavily on the VAR (Value Added Reseller) organizations’ bottom line, while being competitive becomes a distant dream. Trust & satisfaction, which are the pillars of the VARs relationship with their customer, can easily be lost in the process.

Implementing a robust quoting system has the power to reshape the ICT VAR (Value Added Reseller) landscape by addressing their issues & improving proposal accuracy. With a quoting system in place, VARs can effortlessly merge multiple BoMs when creating multiple quote iterations. Automation easily keeps track of added, removed, or changed items, pricing updates, price caps, and invalid or discontinued items. This enables VARs to store and manage multiple iterations of the quote, making it easier to track changes and ensuring accuracy while reducing errors and saving time.

The Copy & Paste Predicament

VARs (Value Added Resellers) often grapple with the tedious process of copying and pasting line items from multiple sources during proposal creation. They must deal with:

  • Content inconsistencies and version control challenges arising from the use of multiple vendor BoMs and other manual updates.
  • Formatting errors and inconsistent looking quotes can compromise the professionalism and coherence of the quoting process.
  • Errors in the copy paste process leads to leads to profit erosion or even a loss for the VAR

These issues have a significant impact on proposal accuracy, leading to their quotes suffering from a lack of uniformity, denting credibility and eroding customer trust.

Addressing the need for a solution that can streamline processes, ICT VARs (Value Added Resellers) turn to automation tools. These tools integrate vendor systems and reduce or eliminate the reliance on manual copy & paste, achieving newfound efficiency and accuracy. Automation tools also can easily maintain version control, ensuring that all changes are accurately recorded, and provide quick access to earlier versions if needed. Furthermore, automation solutions offer the capability of seamlessly updating item details, such as pricing, availability or product descriptions directly from vendor systems, eliminating costly errors and ensuring the highest level of proposal accuracy. ICT VARs thus experience a significant improvement in proposal accuracy, restoring their reputation and bolstering profitability.

Quest for Insights – Data, Trends and Opportunity

Manual process can lead to issues faced by the VAR (Value Added Reseller) in obtaining comprehensive insights into quote trends. This limitation hampers data analysis and the ability to access historical data efficiently. Consequently, pricing and discounting decisions may be negatively affected, leading to the generation of inaccurate proposals. Other key limitations may include:

  • Quotes created through manual processes are often scattered across multiple files, making it arduous and time-consuming to collate information for emerging trend analysis to derive meaningful insights.
  • Lack of readily available data can hinder the ability for quick decision-making and impact costing and price optimization strategies.

To overcome these challenges, ICT VARs (Value Added Resellers) need to harness the power of automation that offers comprehensive data reporting capabilities. These tools can unravel the hidden potential within the quote database by consolidating it into a centralized platform, thus providing accurate & in-depth analysis. With a unified system in place, VARs can access comprehensive data analysis, unlocking insights that enable speedy decision-making. Thanks to historical data readily available at their fingertips, VARs can vastly improve their pricing & discounting capabilities, while optimizing costs based on past trends. This can empower them to make proactive adjustments to maintain competitive pricing, as well as maximize profit margins, when developing a robust strategy for growth.


In the highly competitive landscape of ICT VARs (Value Added Resellers), the time vs. accuracy dilemma has long plagued businesses. However, automation tools have emerged as a transformative solution, empowering VARs to create flawless quotes without compromising on efficiency. By leveraging advanced quoting systems, ICT VARs (Value Added Resellers) can seamlessly merge multiple BoMs, streamline processes, eliminate errors, and enhance proposal accuracy. Furthermore, automation tools offer post-merge reporting capabilities, unlocking valuable data insights for informed decision-making. It’s time for VARs to embrace automation and position themselves for enhanced proposal accuracy, customer satisfaction, and long-term business success.


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