With ONE click, retrieve your Estimates, DealReg BoMs and CCW-R BoMs from Cisco

CCW - BoMs – Estimates & Deal Registration

CCW-R - Renewal quotes

Sales Order Status

Automatic VIP rebate calculation

Straight into StrataVAR’s platform, automatically. No need to export and upload files, no need to copy & paste. Just retrieve your Estimates, DealReg or CCW-R BoMs from within Cisco and start working on your quote.

CCW & CCW-R Integration

Work freely on your Cisco Estimates, DealReg BoMs within StrataVAR’s quoting platform

Using the same authorization as the Cisco page CCW portal, our integration enables you to quickly create one quote from any Cisco BoM

1-Click Import of your Estimates or DealReg BoMs

1-Click refresh updates of your BoMs, including line items & cost

Supports limitless line items & very long Estimates

Full support for your CCW-R quotes; Support of all fields such as Service Level, Location, Part Number and so much more

With one-click, start working on your quote in one workspace that incorporates all of your CCW & CCW-R data.

Sales Orders Status

Review your Sales Order Status from Cisco directly in PqW with automatic refresh & business alerts.

Enjoy all of the data you need about your outstanding sales orders, in one platform

StrataVAR automatically integrates with Cisco’s Sales Order API for daily updates on the Sales Order shipments

Automatic refresh of your Sales Order Status

Track your Sales Order Status in real time; PqW refreshes the data of your Sales Status daily, from CCW

Track your items and display your order at the box level, item level, air bill number, destination address, expected date of arrival, serial numbers of the shopped equipment

Track any updates or changes to your Order, including date of shipping, delays in shipments and other information that has been updated in CCW

Provides Serial Number once Sales Order is ready to ship

Get the option to select if and which customers can view the Sales Order information, through a customizable portal

Save expensive resources and effort and enjoy a unified platform right inside your CRM that holds all of your Sales Status’s data.

VIP Rebate Calculation

PqW collects the VIP SKUs and discounts offered to the various partner levels, so Cisco VARs can enjoy

The automatic calculation of the potential of your VIP rebates

Other rebates, based on each VAR’s eligibility, Part Number and Purchase Order dates

Optimize your VIP rebates by searching the current rebate percentage of a product

Constantly refreshes and updates current VIP period data

Identify your profit from each deal, with or without VIP rebates

As a Cisco VAR, plan your quote with Cisco’s VIP rebates accessible in real time.