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Get the quick guide to choosing the suitable quoting platform as an ICT reseller.

Have the data you need to choose a quoting tool that will transform your quoting process from complex to a non-issue and boost your chances of getting a yes to your proposals.

Included in the guide:

A Guide for ICT VARs:
How to Choose the Right
Quoting Solution

"With Stratavar we’ve been able to dramatically lower turnaround times when the quote that we get from our engineers, accurately reflects what we propose to our customers."

Sean Mackirdy, Support Manager

At StrataVAR, you can feel at home. We speak the ICT language, so no industry intros needed.

And we’d love to meet you!

We’re genuinely interested in your business. We’re interested in learning about your business goals for 2023 and seeing how our dedicated teams can work with you in achieving those goals.

If you’re looking for new ways to stuck in the desire to give yourself a growth boost, your company deserves clarity in your quoting process, clarity in your revenue and margin forecast.

And, you deserve a platform that dissolves all of those bits and pieces that go make quoting for ICT projects a challenge.

Let’s meet for a virtual coffee & an informal intro :- )

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