iCPQ is the tool that enhances Salesforce CPQ for VARs

Salesforce has a powerful CPQ tool. But high-tech resellers preparing quotes for the enterprise customers often need a level of functionality that goes beyond the capabilities of generic quoting solutions such as Salesforce CPQ AKA Revenue Cloud.

Our close alliance with Salesforce has enabled us to develop a native Salesforce solution called iCPQ (integrated CPQ) that addresses the critical limitations Salesforce CPQ affecting VARs:

Cisco quoting integration
"With Stratavar we’ve been able to dramatically lower turnaround times when the quote that we get from our engineers, accurately reflects what we propose to our customers."
Sean Mackirdy, Support Manager

"Without a smart tool to help you navigate the whole quoting cycle, you end up burning valuable resources. StrataVAR’s PqW proved to be ideal for handling all these options and tracking them as well"
Alan Sears, CEO at TBI Networks

Integrate Cisco CCW quotes easily

Creating a Cisco-sourced BoM with a list of price quotes doesn't need to be a process of manually copying and pasting an Excel file into Salesforce CPQ revenue cloud .

The API-based tool integrates Cisco CCW's major sources: Estimates, DealReg, CCW Renewal, SaaS Quotes, Modified Subscription Deal Registration (MSDR) and more.

Many complex operations are executed outside the CPQ logic.

Data is imported without copy/paste to Salesforce CPQ platform.

Complex customer pricing and margin calculation is done, based on Item Type.

iCPQ enables split quotes, combining multiple sources from CCW & Disti, versioning, and ‘what-if’ drafts.

iCPQ enables aggregation, especially of Renewal Quotes (CCWR) based on Part Numbers, Service Level or any other field to match CPQ scalability limitations.

The ‘Refresh’ function keeps everything updated as CCW quoting goes through many iterations due to customer requests.

iCPQ automatically creates Catalogue (aka Product2) records if missing.

Cisco CCW quotes are easily imported into Salesforce CPQ when using the integrated CPQ tool.

Integrate quotes easily from Disti and other Vendors

This inputs a BoM from distributors such as Ingram Micro, TD Synnex and Comstor, or other vendors such as IBM, HP, Dell/EMC, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point and others. The price quote listing is taken directly from Disti and other vendor and avoids manual tasks.

iCPQ integrates Disti API directly with Salesforce CPQ and allows Disti quotes to be copied quickly and accurately without manual copy/paste tasks or room for errors.

The Intelligent Excel Parser within iCPQ will automatically convert Disti Quotes to CPQ and Salesforce Catalogue (Product2) Standard objects if Disti or other vendors have not yet modernized their integration API infrastructure. Formats supported include Excel, CSV, JSON and XML.

iCPQ enables complex customer pricing and margin calculation, based on Item Type.

The integrated CPQ tool enables split quotes, combines multiple sources from CCW & Disti, versioning and ‘what-if’ drafts.

iCPQ enables aggregation, especially of other-vendors and CCWR Renewal Quotes based on Part Numbers, Service Level or any other field to match CPQ scalability limitations

iCPQ automatically creates Catalogues (aka Product2) records if missing.

The Disti/Salesforce CPQ bridge avoids manual copy & paste, errors and the complexity in making changes and revisions.

Scale up to handle mega-item quotes

VARs working in the ICT environment often need to handle complex quoting with 1,000s and 10,000s of items. Salesforce CPQ is often challenged by length as measured by Quote Lines.

iCPQ revenue cloud handles very long quotes (import and export) and through a special grouping/ aggregation function, reduces the number of items to transfer to Salesforce CPQ.

With the 'Bulk Price Edit' function the user can modify Cost, Discount, Margins, Markup etc. of large quotes and provide Salesforce CPQ with pre-processed financial data.

iCPQ exports customer-facing quotes with 10,000s of items.

The process easily modifies pricing for long quotes.

To overcome Salesforce CPQ's maximum quote lines, iCPQ performs pre-processing aggregation, based on various grouping rules.

Users of Salesforce CPQ no longer face roadblocks when handling quoting tasks involving a large volume of items. Adding iCPQ to the equation opens the way to much greater efficiency.

Format quotes easily to customer specifications

VARs often need to prepare quotes in specific formats for customers. The pricing and configuration relationships may be complex. Third-party support tools (like Conga) may be needed but are still unable to meet complex formatting.

iCPQ is designed to 'understand' the structure and hierarchy of the quote and present the information in the required format and arrangement.

iCPQ's 'Quote Export' feature displays complex configurations and multiple levels of hierarchy. This also allows the user to further customize the customer-facing Quote by modifying the Excel.

Different Item Types are separated into sections or tabs.

Complex subtotals are defined based on user-criteria.

Pricing information is made conditionally visible.

Hierarchical details are made conditionally visible, with or without pricing.

Different columns are enabled for different sections.

Sections and columns are hidden/shown, based on user input.

Both Excel and PDF output formats are supported (for greater VAR flexibility).

Conditional formatting of fonts, sizes and colours, background, and separators are supported.

Information from any related object from Salesforce, iCPQ, CPQ or other application is incorporated.

Quoting sections can be separated into rows, or Excel tabs.

Variable pre-defined text snippets based on quote content can be automatically included.

StrataVAR’s integrated CPQ is a valuable asset in the drive to fully meet customer expectations with quoting that suit their exact requirements – while giving VARs a high degree of work efficiency and cost-saving.

Help VARs to optimize their vendor rebates

VARs who sell more advanced solutions in specific time periods qualify for vendor rebates such as Cisco VIP, which can greatly boost their profit margins. The rebate playbook contains thousands of rules that are impossible to accurately decipher manually.

iCPQ helps VARs to quantify those rebates and even supports semi-automatic search to optimize for better VIP rebates thus achieving higher profitability.

iCPQ supports Cisco VIP (Vendor Incentive Program), allowing real-time calculations of the eligible extra profit.

The system informs VARs of this addition for any item, in any VIP period - enabling them to gain a pricing advantage in the bidding war.

StrataVAR's iCPQ can transfer to CPQ either the raw extra VIP margin or a net cost inclusive of the benefit.

iCPQ enables semi-automatic VIP optimization.

Acting at the correct time of quoting, with the correct information, is an essential requirement for VARs seeking greater profitability by using VIP correctly to set prices.

Manage contracts and subscription renewal better

High-tech VARs must balance the increased income available with renewal of maintenance contracts (for equipment) and subscriptions against the large cost of handling those renewal quotes. Integrated CPQ is set-up specially to resolve this problem.

iCPQ incorporates long quotes (up to 50,000 items) and aggregates results for CPQ based on grouping criteria such as Part Number, Service Level and Location.

Subscriptions can be rapidly updated even when quantities/numbers are reduced.

With all contract and subscription management issues handled by iCPQ’s dedicated software quoting solution, VARs can focus on increasing this side of their business.