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The Ultimate Guide to Cisco Reseller Partner Quoting

This paper is intended for Cisco VAR and Service Provider partners who dedicate a significant portion of their business to the resale of Cisco hardware and software. If you are reading this you are probably leading or involved in your company’s digital transformation and play an important role in the sales process and customer experience delivery.

CPQ Booster for ICT VARS
A Native Salesforce Solution

The ICT VAR market segment (AKA High-tech Resellers) has several unique characteristics that are not addressed effectively by generic quoting solutions such as Salesforce CPQ/Revenue Cloud. StrataVAR’s CPQ Booster provides a number of enhancements, that come into play when the two tools are combined together, resulting in an optimal quoting solution for VARs of ICT. We’ve outlined the main elements of the integration between StrataVAR’s PqW (that functions as a booster to Salesforce’s CPQ), and Salesforce CPQ works. The outline defines the problems ICT VARs face while using generic quoting tools and how the CPQ Booster solves those problems for VARs of ICT.